Scalable IoT solutions for any business

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Smarter Way to Stay Connected

Stay connected to home from anywhere to easily monitor and manage devices such as sensors, HVAC, lighting, smart plugs and surveillance systems integrated to work together flawlessly as a complete solution.


IP Cameras

ULE Devices

Control Switches


About Us

Rich Features for Smart Devices

Reliable technology with scalability and compatibility to meet a variety of smart devices, empowering users to have total access and control of a wireless ecosystem to enrich customer experiences.

  • Seamless Integration
    Create schedules or customized triggers to automate tasks, such as turning on air conditioner and heater based on temperature levels.
  • Environmental Control
    Manage devices by location or room to monitor environments or remotely control and turn on/off devices beyond interior walls.
  • Real Time Alerts
    Automatically capture footage of unexpected or abnormal activity and send notification to user via text, image or video.

About Us

One App for Ease of Use

Deliver enhanced services for connected homes and environments with consistent user experience.

  • Device Management
    Management made easy by unifying all devices in one view for ease of use and end-to-end experience with remote control.
  • Assign Grouping
    Allow users to assign groups for control of multiple devices, such as turn on and off all lamps within a room at the same time.
  • Monitor Usage
    Ability to monitor the energy consumption of your electronics connected to smart plugs for energy savings.
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