Over 70 million IoT devices successfully connected

About Us

What is Kalay Platform ?

The Kalay Platform was initially based on point-to-point connection technology, integration of comprehensive cloud structure and scalable modular features, and real-time video transmissions to help businesses create opportunities with intelligent solutions.

Kalay, which means “handshake” in the language of Taiwan’s aboriginal people, is an extremely flexible and scalable IoT platform. The Kalay Platform 2.0 is designed with a new decentralized technology that provides seamless integration of devices and sensors, enabling technology brands, telecom providers, system integrators, and hardware manufacturers to easily deploy their own connected device ecosystems. The decentralized structure enables end users to enjoy a more convenient, secure, and flexible smart living solution.

About Us

Creating Value for Your Business

The Kalay Platform delivers end-to-end solutions to meet fast-developing and changing IoT environment. With a strong focus on the technology builds for intelligent relationships and communication between devices, the Kalay Platform structure can easily integrate and expand your family of devices. The Kalay Platform empowers IoT consumer devices like no one else, enabling solution providers and technology brands to combine product offerings with cloud services.

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