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Seamless Experience with Smart Push Notifications

Enable device connectivity and push notification service in 5 easy steps by integrating the Kalay TPNS SDK with your solution. With support for various cloud services, especially on the Android operating system, users can be sure to receive instant notifications with a reliable delivery rate close to 100%.

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Customized to Enhance Service

Enterprises that choose to use web oriented notification system may customize notifications based on brand needs to improve customer experience.

  • Personalize messages tailored to meet service offerings
  • Delivery option to choose from different multimedia type (image, sound, or video)
  • Implement unified strategy to deploy services in multiple languages

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Target Audience

Choose the right audience to deliver notifications for specific events, scenarios or activities to offer the best user experiences and meet customer needs.

  • Broadcast: to all devices and or accounts opted in
  • Grouping: to specific group or user attribute based on tags
  • Username: to a specific user, account name or alias
  • Scheduling: based on time, date or scheduled event

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Powerful Management Portal

Allow enterprises to manage notifications and receive real-time updates on user accounts and account status.

  • Manage and deliver notifications to specific audience or devices within one dashboard
  • Collect and receive data information regarding messages sent, delivery and open rate
  • Improve strategies based on user behavior to optimize efforts and increase engagement

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IoT Services with Kalay Cloud

Leverage Kalay Cloud’s push notification module to improve customer relationships and increase revenues. Create valuable IoT services by integrating push notification with VSaaS to monitor and record videos on demand, OTA for software update, cloud storage, data collection and analytics for smart home and other applications.

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