Scalable IoT solutions for any business

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Real-Time Monitoring for Enhanced Security

ThroughTek’s concurrent connectivity technology enables two-step easy installation for remote access and control for a variety of devices, such as DVR/NVR, IP camera, doorphone and dashcam. Enterprises can deploy large-scale live video and audio streams directly over the internet to reduce operational and service costs.

  • NAT penetration with a success rate over 90%
  • High performance for 10-30% faster delivery

About Us

Streaming Made for High Efficiency

Build IoT solutions and applications for surveillance systems, connected homes or retail environments to further delivery of services to enrich experiences and meet customer needs.

  • Unified Connection
    Deliver reliable and unified connection between an array of interoperable devices to further extend its services.
  • Cost Effective
    Reduce costs on maintenance and management of server to optimize performance for data delivery.
  • Engaging Experience
    Send alerts and notifications to report abnormal activity to shorten response times.

About Us

Flexible Solution for Any Application

Instant streaming built to support comprehensive surveillance for a variety of devices with two-way communication and scalable capabilities for broadcast systems to distribute and deliver live feed.

  • Surveillance
    Enable video streaming for monitoring and two-way communication, particularly used in doorphone solutions.
  • Personal Storage
    Remotely access and stream large data files such as videos and music beyond interior walls or backup up to personal cloud system.
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